Prof. Massimo Bellomi ( Past President )

Prof. Massimo Bellomi

Professor Bellomi is Director of the Department of Radiology at the European Institute of Oncology and Associate Professor of Radiology of the School of Medicine, University of Milan. He lectures in radiology at the School of Medicine and is Director of the postgraduate school of radiology and faculty for the teaching of radiology in 15 University of Milan postgraduate medical schools.

In the last five years he has organized 12 national and international courses and meetings. He is member of SIRM, EAR, ESR, ICIS (being president in 2003-04), ESGAR and ESTI.

Professor Bellomi's scientific activity is focused on cancer imaging; he is principal investigator in 11 clinical trials and author of 143 scientific papers and 260 presentations (190 published in abstract).