Dr. Liliane Ollivier ( Past President )

Dr. Liliane Ollivier

Liliane Ollivier studied medicine at the University of Paris and graduated in Radiology in 1979. She has been working as Senior Consultant Radiologist in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of the Institut Curie, the cancer centre of Paris, since 1987.

Her main interest is clinical research trials and assessment of tumour response, focused on breast cancer as 80% of the patients of the Institut Curie are treated for breast cancer. She is also involved in research in breast cancer in high-risk women, geriatric oncology and global patient care in oncologic radiology.

The French Society of Radiology has recently commissioned Dr. Ollivier to lead a group on Patient Information in diagnostic imaging and radiography. This wide ranging project includes information on radiological procedures (e.g. MRI, CT, etc), contraindications, risks (radioprotection, contrast media) and the communication of results to patients.

She is a member of the French Society of Radiology (1980), became a member of the College of French Teachers in Radiology (CERF) in 2003 and President of the Radiologists of the French Cancer Centres in 2006. She was elected a Fellow of ICIS in 1999.