09 October 2013

Gold Medal awarded to Dr. Liliane Ollivier

Gold Medal awarded to Dr. Liliane Ollivier

At the recent ICIS 2013 Annual Teaching Course in York, UK, one of the highlights was the award of the Gold Medal 2013 to Dr. Liliane Ollivier. Dr. Ollivier was elected a Fellow of ICIS in 1999, and has been very active in the Society since that time, including being President of the ICIS 2010 conference in Edinburgh, and currently serving as a member of the Executive Board.

Having received her Doctorate of Medicine in 1975, Dr. Ollivier has had a distinguished career in oncologic radiology and joined the Institut Curie in Paris in 1987 where she is now Chief of Clinical Research.

Her main professional interests include oncologic Imaging with a focus on assessment of response (RECIST v1), expertise in breast and bone tumours, physician education (as a Member of the French College of Teaching [Radiology]), and through her work with the French Society of Radiology she strives to improve the patient experience through education and information made available to patients.

Pictured here, Dr. Ollivier (centre) receives the Gold Medal from Dr. Leslie Quint, (President of ICIS 2013) and Professor Anwar Padhani (Immediate Past President).