27 February 2015

Registration opens for London 2015

Registration opens for London 2015

Prof. Andrea Rockall, President for 2015 has put together a really exciting programme for our annual teaching course.  

Keynote lectures
Microbubbles: From cancer diagnosis to theranostics
MR/PET imaging: Future directions

Plenary sessions
Structured reporting and decision support

  • Targeting cancer with imaging
  • Image-guided interventional therapies
  • BNMS session
  • Imaging the Ancients

Interactive workshop sessions

  • Staging challenges: Is there metastatic disease?
  • Pancreas
  • Difficult abdominal masses
  • Lung cancer updates
  • Liver masses: Characterisation with contrast
  • PIRADS: new concepts
  • Benign lesions that mimic cancer
  • Survivorship: “ Imaging after…..”
  • Paediatric workshop
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Case-based essentials in neuro-oncology
  • Cases I would like to read again

Computer Hands-On Workshops

  • Multimodality breast cancer imaging
  • RECIST: practical and modified
  • Lung cancer staging
  • Hepatic lesions
  • Adnexal masses and ovarian cancer
  • Whole body MRI

Have a look at our Meeting pages. Registration opens 4th March. Abstract submission deadline 22nd May 2015.