06 October 2016

Congratulations to our 2016 prize winners!

Congratulations to our 2016 prize winners!

The ICIS Gold Medal 2016 was presented to Prof. Dr. Vincent Chong from the National University Hospital in Singapore.  Prof. Chong has been part of our Society since 2001 where he has held the positions of Secretary, Trustee and Past President.  He has taken part in all of our Annual Courses,  as well as lecturing at our satellite meetings in Oman, Kuwait, South Africa and Hong Kong.  He is a worldwide renowned expert in head and neck imaging having given more than 300 international lectures and is widely published.

The Rodney Reznek Prize to the research article that has accrued the highest number of citations across all research articles publications in 2014 and 2015:

Added value of advanced over conventional magnetic resonance imaging in grading gliomas and other primary brain tumors

By: Guzman-De-Villoria, Juan A.; Mateos-Perez, Jose M.; Fernandez-Garcia, Pilar; et al.

CANCER IMAGING  Volume: 14  Article Number: 35 Published: DEC 12 2014

Complimentary registration to our 2017 annual teaching course

Prizes to oral and poster presentations at our 2016 annual teaching course:

Cash prizes kindly donated by Philips.

1st oral prize to Raphaela Dresen

Whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI for surgical planning in patients with colorectal cancer and peritoneal metastases

£350 prize money

1st poster prize to Simon Smith (UK)

Technical success and efficacy of pulmonary radiofrequency ablation: an analysis of 207 ablations

£250 prize money

2nd oral prize to  Paola Pricolo (Italy)

Role of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) for predicting extracapsular extension of prostate cancer

£250 prize money

2nd poster prize to Olivia Francies (UK)

Succinate dehydrogenase mutations and their associated tumours

£150 prize money

3rd oral prize to Gary Cook (UK)

Heterogeneity of treatment response in skeletal metastases from breast cancer with 18F-fluoride and 18F-FDG PET.

£150 prize money

3rd poster prize to Silvina De Luca (Argentina)

Visually isoattenuating pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Diagnostic imaging tools

 £100 prize money

Highly Commended Posters in no particular order:

Book tokens kindly donated by CRC Press.

Khin Yadanir Thein (Singapore)

Solid pseudopapillary tumour of pancreas: imaging features of a rare neoplasm

Archana Seth from (UK)

Can we reduce prevalent recall rate in breast screening?

Shaheel Bhuva (UK)

A one-stop lymphoma biopsy service: is it possible?

Komal Sharma (Australia)

MRI findings of molecular subtypes of breast cancer: A pictorial primer

Audrey Yong (UK)

Radiological assessment of the post-chemotherapy liver

Catherine Johnson (UK)

Perineural spread of lympoma: an educational review of an unusual distribution of disease