29 January 2018

Professor Alain Rahmouni

It is with deep sadness that I have to inform you of the sudden and untimely passing of Prof. Alain Rahmouni.  Alain joined our Society in 1999 and taught at our very first ICIS teaching course in 2000, followed by many others.  Recently, he was an invaluable help organising our forthcoming teaching course in Menton.   He was kind enough to accompany us on our site visit to Menton and we could not have had a more charming, friendly and helpful guide.   It is a great loss to his family, friends, the Society and wider medical and scientific community.

Below are some words from his friends and colleagues at CHU Henri Mondor.

Alain Rahmouni passed away this morning, January 26th 2018
Our Alain.
It is so difficult to speak of him in this dark day, where we all lose a huge colleague, a huge doctor, a huge scientist. And most of all a friend.

Alain was curious about everything. He was passionate. Passionate because he dedicated his life for better care. Refusing the unacceptable, convinced that we could always do better in the service of our patients, he targeted all his actions and his energy in this direction. And for him, innovation, especially scientific and technological, was at the heart of his determination. He had that vision, that imaging in the broad sense should be developed to better see, predict, heal, accompany. A forerunner in MRI, his career at Johns Hopkins alongside Elias Zerhouni encouraged him to develop cardiac MRI at CHU Henri Mondor in 1989, before immersing himself in the development of whole body imaging in oncology and hematology, since the diseases, as he said, had "no borders". His publications, so numerous, and that he loved so much to work with all of us, in the early morning, so “calm and quiet” as he said, testify so much of this constant investment.

Student of Norbert Vasile, he shared with him the values of humanism and modesty, this human generosity we all knew and which he shared with us. He dedicated his life to build step by step a school of radiology at the CHU Henri Mondor; within his department of course, but also beyond the walls of our hospital, as with the development of the Master 2 teaching program “signals and images in medicine”of University Paris East which he loved so much, or through his actions for the training of radiographers and all of us, his students, who met him during so numerous training sessions. He passed on his passion to us. He engaged everywhere. In France but also abroad, invested on all continents to share his ideal everywhere. Whatever the circumstances, it was necessary to bring knowledge even if this required to cross borders. We were all his students, trying to be like him and to take away only an ounce of his determination, his intelligence, and that vision he loved so much to share. And what about the love he bore to his family, his wife Sylvie, his daughters, Fanny, Amelie and Justine, who were so much of his days. Let us all think of them.

All his life Alain wanted to bring us together, to unite us. His collective actions, conducted with the success that we know in our French College of Academic Radiology in France, the French Union of Hospital Radiologists, and the French Society of Radiology, targeted a single goal: working collectively to bring closer the doctors, creating bridges between specialties, to allow even better care.
We are losing our friend. We are losing one of these rare personalities, who represents so much for those who have had the chance to meet. And they are many.

We lose our friend, but his vision remains. We are committed to continuing it.

Hicham Kobeiter, Alain Luciani, Jean François Deux, Jérôme Hodel, Vania Tacher with the entire team of the imaging department of CHU Henri Mondor, Creteil.